Cynthia Colonna    

Cynthia keeps things fair, simple, and – most importantly – affordable for you by charging a flat $22 per hour. She types up to 150 words per minute and uses specialized transcribing equipment that allows hands-free control of playback speed and automatic replay.

Rule of Thumb

For a typical single-source interview with decent sound quality, it takes about four times the length of a recording to transcribe it. Expect a 15-minute interview, in other words, to take about an hour to type. Different factors, however, can affect this 4 to 1 ratio significantly:

  • Sound Quality – the better she can hear your source, the faster she can type his or her words. If possible, avoid conducting interviews in settings with lots of ambient noise
  • Talking Speed – rapid speakers who rarely pause can take significantly longer to transcribe than slow talkers
  • Group Interviews – multiple sources, particularly when several speakers have similar sounding voices, can require playback to distinguish one person from another
  • Technical Jargon – medical researchers, computer scientists, financial analysts, and many other sources use specialized terms that require extra time to spell check


Cynthia Colonna

Cynthia Colonna

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